What you can do for all veterans 

You can join our efforts by visiting the membership page and filling out an application.  In addition you are welcome to visit one of our meetings or functions to volunteer your time and see first hand how we take the effort to make their lives better and for them to feel wanted and worthy.

In addition you can Donate any amount to assist with making the Veterans have a smoother transition please click on this link below.

Our mission

    Over the past 20+ years, Veterans have been arriving in Southern Nevada seeking jobs, housing, VA Medical and Counseling Services.  When they apply to the VA Outreach Program, they often need a place to sleep that same night.  We, the Kline Fund, step in to fill an immediate, interim need for a warm, safe refuge, food and transportation for these individuals and families.  

     When the jobs do not develop and the funds dwindle away, the result is Veterans and their families in homeless conditions.  Without the assistance we provide, these individuals (and families) would no doubt be homeless until the VA Outreach Program makes other arrangements.  These Veterans have served their country honorably and therefore when they need our assistance, they deserve our assistance.


100% of the Donations and Grants go directly to assisting Veterans. The Kline Fund is operated by volunteers.