Our Program:

The Kline Veterans Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization who provides financial assistance and other support to homeless, at-risk and indigent Veterans and their families in Southern Nevada.

Veterans make up nearly 10% of the homeless population nationwide. Unfortunately, that number is even higher here in Southern Nevada at 13%. With the number of homeless veterans on the rise, the need for assistance is even greater.

Our program assists local Veteran families with the necessary funding to secure or sustain housing through the efforts described below.  Our major source of revenue is through grants, sponsorships and individual gifts from our Poppy drives around the Memorial and Veterans Day holidays. 100% of grants and donations stay right here in Clark County to help those most in need.  

Our Beneficiaries:

emergency aid to indigent veterans
emergency aid to indigent veterans (1)
emergency aid to indigent veterans (3)


Our 100% Veteran Board Of Directors provides unique peer to peer connection, strengthening support for our clients.

Stephen Seiden, President, U.S. Army

Lester Sherman, Treasurer, U.S. Army

Martin Hagans, Secretary, U.S. Coast Guard

Jerold Bootzin, Director, U.S. Army

Lori Bordman, Director, U.S. Air Force

Morton Friedlander, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Stephen Weiner, Director, U.S. Army

Don Davidson, Board Emeritus, U.S Navy